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Acrylic Resin/Amino Resin

YUTA Resin

  • There are three technical departments and a strong R & D  team.

  • Introducing the technology of global indicative products to upgrade product functions (competitive products).

  • R & D team coordinates with clients to provide innovative products in line market demand (high quality products).

  • Assisting clients to develop customized products.   

  • Developing global market standardized products.   

  • Developing high quality and high performance products.

  • Developing high-tech water-based products and environmentally friendly products.

  • Strong core competitiveness:

Product diversification, equipment automation, and mass production reduce procurement costs and also improve product quality.

  • Strong product series competitiveness:    

Upgrade production facilities and processes; significantly improve yield, efficiency and quality while optimizing the formula to significantly enhance the main performance, reduce production costs and improve product performance and quality.

  • Strong product competitiveness:    

The overall competitiveness has reached the international level. Each production line produces innovative and unique products to provide better performance, quality and price in the market ; improve the market competitiveness of customers.

  • The most specialized and professional production and marketing company in acrylic and amino resins; specialized in 16 types of resins.

  • Provide a considerable level of professional technical knowledge in resin with market information and product competitive edge

  • Quality Control:    

Equipment automation and implementation of ISO 9001 management System, will implement high quality control of  raw materials, processes and products

  • Quality Assurance:    

In order to implement high quality assurance, YU-TA establishes technical service team (quality assurance team) to assist clients solve problems and establish professional brand image.

  • Complete pre-sale technical exchanges and cooperate in high value product functions proposal.

  • Professional marketing and technical team provide customers all-round cooperation and services and help customers win in the market. 

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