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Acrylic Resin/Amino Resin

YUTA Resin

  • Established in:1980-08-02

  • Unified Business No.:72177977

  • Amount of Capital:US$10 Million

  • Working partners:80

  • Factory Area:16500 m²

    • Xinying Factory​

    • Guantian Factory

  • Products:

    • Acrylic Resin​

    • Amino Resin

       Specializing in 16 industrial Applications​


Operating Overview
  • To be the Worldwide Leading Brand in Acrylic Resin and Amino Resin

  • Providing full spectrum of services to help our clients fight for the first place

  • Take advantage of our expertise, together with clients to win in the market

  • Green

  • Symbiotic

  • Learning

  • World-class chemical plant

  • Automatic production equipments

  • Complete QC instruments

  • Implement Electronic data processing. Adopting ERP,  Cloud-Based Office Suite(Email, Docs, Drive, Calendar)

  • Certified by BSI to ISO 9001 Quality Management under certificate number  FM 680218

  • Certified by BSI to ISO 14001 Environmental Management under certificate number EMS 680276

  • Certified by BSI to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management under certificate number OHS 680279

Management Strategies

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High Value plus High Quality​

  • High value: High added value. It is so-called VA(value analysis) or VE(value engineer) in academic circles.

    • Obtaining the genuine material through price comparison and raw material inspection.

    • Optimizing the core raw material combination to strengthen the primary function, decreasing the minor and eliminating the unnecessary one, so as to greatly lower the formula costs to develop the products meeting the real needs of clients.

  • High quality: Cooperate with clients to develop the innovative products meeting the need of the market.

    • Developing customized products.

    • Developing products equivalent to the best sellers in the international market.

    • Developing products with excellent performances to make clients lead the market.

    • Developing eco-friendly products and high-tech water-based products.


  • Employing the strong R&D team to integrate importing technologies for complete products, comprehensive techniques, good service and customer satisfaction, to make the transformation successfully. YUTA incessantly proceeds in horizontal transformation, which has already successfully transformed 16 industrial applications so far.

  • Under the same set of raw materials and facilities, and through the advantages of product diversification, equipment automation and mass production to lower purchasing & manufacturing costs, it can largely raise the core competitiveness.

  • Constantly transferring multiple product lines not only can largely increase core competitiveness & widen the business, but also can avoid price comparing (red ocean) to be ready for risk management.

Blue Ocean​

  • Establishing a technique service and creative marketing team.

  • With implementing BSC, to accumulate the five advantages to provide the clients with all-directional cooperation & service.

  • With the powerful advantages of R&D innovation & industry lines core competitiveness, to raise the market share largely, lower the percentage rate in management, sales and production, and expand the raw material negotiation space to feedback the profit to the clients. By doing so, it is easy to increase the operation advantage largely.

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